Monday, June 18, 2007

Transmission Cooler Lines

Well, I got some time to start working on getting the Le Mans road worthy, and prioritized the transmission leaks to be first. There are pan leaks and cooler line leaks. I'll get to the pan gasket in a later entry... that saga isn't complete yet. The cooler lines were very simple to change out.

The area depicted above resides between the radiator and the front valence (front license plate and directionals mount in it) under the front grill. This picture is taken after the valence was lowered. There are actually two lines (one in, one out) although only one is visible from this photo, the other is lurking behind the center support for the valence and the horn. What ever yahoo installed them used 3/8-inch gas emission lines, rather than 3/8-inch transmission fluid lines. (you can actually read "fuel emmission" on the line if you click on the upper picture to enlarge it.) I'm not sure if it was the 3 years sitting or the wrong kind of lines that caused the leak -- but either way, doesn't give you warm and fuzzies about other work that might be done on the car.

So the transmission is a Turbo 400 Hydromatic, which is almost 100% sure not a stock portion of the drive train -- it has a B&M shifter, which definitely was not a factory installed option.

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