Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bolts, Bolts, Bolts... Arghh!

Spent about 90 minutes this morning trying to loosen what I feel is probably the easiest seatbelt bolt -- the one that doesn't have a cut off belt attached. I got my hand-held propane tank and heated the sucker up, using a fireproof mat to protect the surrounding surface. No luck.

This evening, looking around the Internet, I found this webpage which documents a 1929 Chevy Truck restoration. There some interesting material out there about dealing with frozen bolts and nuts. Of interest, apparently, if you really want to apply heat to bolts and have them expand fast enough to have a chance to break them loose, you need to use an acetylene torch. The propane torches you use to service plumbing lines heat up the bolts too slowly to really make a big difference.

Of a common thread is "impact wrench" is handy. I need to think about this one -- not sure if I want to invest in an impact wrench setup...

The bottomline is, it could be worse -- I can't imagine what parts on 78 year old vehicle are like to deal with... which coincidentally, just happens to be twice as old as the 39 year old in my garage.

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