Saturday, July 18, 2009

Header Leak

Oh the joys of owning a 40+ year old car... it has been running well and I've been enjoying the car being more reliable but last week it developed a header leak. When I had the exhaust done a couple of years ago, the exhaust guy said they are prone to leak..

Thursday, July 2, 2009


This past Spring, I got involved in a little home remodelling project that I thought would take about a month but has drug on now for 4 and is still isn't quite done. The problem has been that it has taken all my time away from the rag top.

Rather than let the car sit in the garage all summer, I had it taken to a shop and had a couple of core things fixed. I had them look the car over, try to stop the tranny and thermostat cover leak.

In the looking the car over, they discovered a kinked gas line under the car, the rear mount on the drive shaft had been "hand crafted" and welded and they weren't comfortable with the engineering, and finally a valve cover leak as well. I said, go ahead and do that and change the oil, plugs and wires -- I just wanted to get it on the road. I guess it was pretty much an adventure down there, trying to get the right parts for the drive train because the engine, tranny and rear-end have become mix and match over the years.

They were able to stop the 3 leaks, its inspected and it runs fairly well -- although it still does have a mild hesitation when you just jump on it.

Anyway, after a few weeks away from home, its back in the garage.... and if it ever stops raining here; maybe I'll get it out on the road...