Monday, November 26, 2007

Old cars for Turkey Day

Took a ride out with the kids to Tipp City Ohio to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with grandma. She has an old farmhouse with a barn, and in the barn her son-in-law has stashed a '67 GTO. Its in pretty rough shape -- he had bought it for its interior and put it in the barn to store it until he could get at swapping interiors. Unfortunately, he left one of the windows down and a raccoon took up residence in it. The raccoon was found dead in the car, having destroyed and eating most of the car's interior. About a month later, a possum was found next to the raccoon.

Her son-in-law does have a '66 GTO in his garage that is in very drivable shape. Red with black interior, it is a 400CI 4-speed and really sharp. He also has a 25th anne. Vette in the garage.

On the way back from visiting those cars, we stopped at a family friends house to look at his '56 Chevy 210 2-door hardtop. This car was beyond immaculate; absolutely top-dog show car. He gave $30,000 but you couldn't built it for that.... car must have been in the $60,000 range. Even the undercarriage had full paint. 327 with dual 4 barrel carbs; chrome everywhere. I couldn't even start to remember every upgrade -- but things were just as new on the car. I personally wouldn't ever wanted to have a car like that because you can never drive it anywhere for fear of rocks, dings and even getting it dirty for that matter.

All-in-all really fun to talk cars with these guys.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Washed and put away

I washed the car, took it around the block for what I think will be the last time until Spring. Sad time in North East. :-) Anyway, for this winter, I'd like to get the intake manifold leaks and the tranny leak fixed. I have been so tempted to buy a GM A-Body power disc conversion kit on eBay -- but that will have to wait for next year I think.