Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Locks

I have lived without having door locks since I bought the car; and so I saw an eBay auction ending that hadn't been bid on yet for a set of 5 repro locks + keys. 2 doors, ignition, glove box and trunk.

Putting them in was pretty straightforward. Of course, I'm jinxing myself because I only had time this weekend to put in 4 of the 5 locks... still have the passenger door to do.

I found the 68 Pontiac Body by Fisher book useful for the doors, trunk and glovebox locks. The ignition lock was documented in the 68 Pontiac Mechanics book.

After having the panel off the drivers side door, I could see that the door itself was in pretty good shape -- no rot holes covered with bondo...

So now the doors match the ignition and the glovebox and trunk match... with a spare set of the early Pontiac keys..