Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Gasket Leaks

Well unfortunately, the new/pan and gasket did not seal and it has a small leak. I need to do some research on what could be the problem, as I really do not think I made any mistakes installing the gasket and new pan. I did examine and clean the mating surface and I did not see any obvious issues; there certainly was not any remaining gasket material. The only thing I can really think is the transmission may have a fracture that expands as the pan bolts reach 120 inch-lbs. As I was concerned that the engine and transmission might need a rebuild because of sitting for 3 years, it isn't horrifying news -- just unwelcome.

I'll try to remain undaunted to get the car inspected, try to ride out the problem this summer and prioritize this problem over the winter. I guess I better find a fluid catch pan for the garage floor.

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