Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New York State Inspection

I've lived in New York almost 20 years and I have had to have every vehicle I've owned inspected every year, but I couldn't tell you what they inspected for specifically. Since I have lots of odds and ends to do to get things working, I thought I'd try to figure out what exactly they inspect. The list of inspection items are located at the New York DMV Website here.

Some of the things that need to be taken care of are:
  • Install front directional lights. They are present in reasonable shape (some damage to passenger side) however the wiring to their location appears to be shorting.
  • Install front seat belts. The car came with a restored interior, however the installation did not include the existing front pair of seat belts.
  • Acquire and install rear seat belts. According to the DMV, in 1968, you had to have 2 seat belts up front and one seat belt for every spot for a butt.
  • Wire horn. The steering wheel is after-market and the horn "button" is nonfunctional.
  • Hazard Lights. The hazard lights don't appear to function.
  • Parking brakes. I'm going to wimp out here in my anxiousness to get the car on the road and have the car inspected at a brake shop. I'll pay to have the brake system checked out and I'll have them fix the parking brakes as part of the inspection. The parking brake pedal is pushed to the floor and does not move.
  • Test Bright Lights. Hmmm, in reviewing the list of things to inspect, I realize I haven't tested the bright lights.
  • Replace Wiper Blades. The wiper motors work, but the blades are shot.
Luckily 1968 vehicles are exempt from emission testing.

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