Wednesday, June 6, 2007


On Monday I fulfilled a life-long dream of owning a 60s classic ride and I was able to purchase a 1968 Pontiac Lemans Convertible. Well I should say, I did own a 1967 Mercury Cougar when I was a kid... so perhaps I'm reliving a life-long dream. :-) I'm not someone who can buy something like a muscle car and not actually drive it; so I've never been interested in owning a museum car with extremely low miles -- or even restoring a car to museum quality, so a nice looking, nice sounding, nice riding car is the one for me. I will however have a lot of work to do to get it on the road, as it has been garaged for 3 years -- it has some leaks which may require a rebuild; but it also needs several other things just to get it through New York State Inspection.

I'm not an expert blogger either, so I thought I'd learn to blog about my experience of owning this car, and restoration. I'd keep track of cool links and pointers and other info... that maybe someone else would find useful or helpful... and along the way make contact with some other Lemans/GTO owners who can commiserate with the joy and pain of owning a ~40 year old car.

Pictures coming later... my first priority is to get it on the street... I have it registered, insured, and a temporary inspection sticker.

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