Friday, July 20, 2007

Tail Lights

After getting advice on the performance years forum, I basically have cleaned the sockets with my dremel, shot some electronics cleaner in there, dried and cleaned them, and then coated both the bulbs and sockets with dielectric grease. I get Lights, Brakes and signals, but they won't come on in combination so they suspected it may be ground. I grounded the housing to the negative battery cable to make sure I was getting a good ground and still no go.

When I bought the car, it came with a box of "spare parts" and in there was a new heavy duty flasher unit, which, after turning myself into a pretzel, I was able to replace easily enough. It sits in a prong clip up under the dash near the steering column and doesn't require any tools to remove. I can now do combinations of lights, but the flashers do not have a consistent speed. Given the flasher switch doesn't cause the flashers to come on, I suspect there is a problem in the steering column, and I'll probably just order new directional, flasher and a cancel cam. Pulling the steering wheel requires a specialized tool, which I don't own at the moment, so I'll have to pick one up. Last time I looked they were about $20. I haven't really liked the steering wheel that came with the car so I'm thinking of replacing one that looks more stock. A very close repro sells for about $395... but I'm not restoring this to stock configuration, so I am not as interested in having to restore factory correct parts and will probably opt for a less expensive one.

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